iPad 3 Anticipation

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaThe rumor is that the iPad 3 announcement will come in the first week of March, but doesn't specify when it will be released.Via aytm.com

Social Media Habits

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaMost women using social media are just as willing to reveal personal information about their relationships, jobs, brand preferences and political and religious affiliations as men — but when it comes to details like phone numbers, location, and email or physical address that might put their personal security at risk, women …

Twitter 2012

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media465 million. That’s the staggering number of Twitter accounts there are in the world.Via http://www.blogherald.com

Where and What will Facebook be in 2025?

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaThe infographic follows the design of Facebook Timeline, looking chronologically at the key areas of growth and power Facebook could potentially leverage over the next decade and a half, and the positive and negative consequences of each new move Facebook could make. The Timeline starts by looking at the search power …

The Social Media Advocacy Model

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaThis infographics aims to present advocacy at a glance, explaining where it sits on the audience relationship spectrum while visualizing the steps organizations can follow to move connections towards becoming advocates.   ---   In theory, as social media becomes more common place, organizational audience engagement objectives, strategies and tactics should …