Comparing Pinterest With Facebook & Twitter

Via - Digital Media The genius behind Pinterest could be described in many ways, but the best way would be how it approaches new users, and that the learning curve is insanely flat. A new infographic called The Power of Pinterest, created by Internet Marketing Inc., highlights the most interesting details about Pinterest and …

Twitter 2012

Via - Digital Media465 million. That’s the staggering number of Twitter accounts there are in the world.Via

Lo Stato dei Social Media in Italia

Via - Digital MediaInteressante articolo sui Social Media in ItaliaVia

43.5 Percent Of Twitter Users Will Follow Your Brand If You Offer Special Deals

Via - Digital MediaSurprise, surprise: people are looking for deals online. According to a new infographic, nearly half of Twitter users say their number one reason for following a brand’s account is to find out about deals or special offers. This infographic, published by Get Satisfaction, looks at how audiences interact with brands on …