96 percent of Google’s revenue is advertising, who buys it?

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaA whopping 96 percent of Google's $37.9 billion 2011 revenue came from advertising, but who is putting all that cash in Google's wallet?   ----   Il 96% degli introiti di Google arriva dalla pubblicità, per un valore complessivo di quasi 38 miliardi di dollari alla fine del 2011. Numeri da …

Sponsored Stories begin to appear in Facebook’s News Feed

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaFacebook is now showing Sponsored Stories in users’ News Feeds. These paid units include a subtle indication that the post is “Featured.” However, to respect the user experience, the social network is putting more controls on the the type of messages advertisers can display here than it did when it previously …

Best Countries to target using Facebook Advertising

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaSo, what countries should you target when advertising on Facebook?   ---    Via blog.nanigans.com

Advertising Budgets of the Top 200 Brands

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaWith marketing & advertising becoming more and more of a need to succeed, this infographic provides an industry-by-industry looking at where the leading U.S Brands are spending their dollars.Show original