The Average Facebook Page Performance for April 2014

  [Source: Quintly]


Maker Faire 2014 Review – Bay Area

It was my first time at the Maker Faire... I was astonished by the amount of amazing stuff that you can find in this world-famous exhibition. 3D Printing & Scanning, Arduino, Drones & Robotics, LED & Lights, Biking & Skating, Craftmanship, Startups, Props... are just an example of what you can find spending a day …

Seven Deadly Sins of Social Media

The seven deadly sins: just the mention of the term stirs up feelings of guilt and an urge to right your wrongs. This goes for social media too! When it comes to social media, there are countless examples of individuals and companies making all sorts of mistakes and not using social networks to their full …

Soccer Kits of the Future

World Cup 2014 is coming... Soccer is (maybe) Italians' biggest passion... So let's take a look at some possible innovations in soccer. What do you think? Personally, I'd like to embed the Player Camera and I found the Live Advertising (scarefully) genial as well! [Source:]  

Facebook Algorithm Tweaks Drive More Brand Engagement

The “Q1 2014 Social Intelligence Report” (PDF) indicates that Facebook still rules the roost when it comes to social media platforms—engagement is higher on Facebook than on any other platform and is on the rise. ADI’s report looks at the effect social media has on brands from a paid, owned, and earned perspective. The analysis …