XXX World 3: YouPorn Stats in Italy

Continuing our tour of what gets people going around the world, I headed to the Mediterranean to take a look at the porn viewing habits of Italy, my homecountry. This time our data comes from, one of the most popular sites in the PornHub Network. The Italians are coming One thing’s for sure, Italians do love …


Classical Art Paintings Updated with Social Media Notification

In her ‘emoji nation’ series, Kiev-based artist Nastya Nudnik takes the event notifications from Facebook, Twitter and the lot that we are so familiar with on social media, and updates classical art paintings with these. That one tweak instantly transforms the timeless to something quite mundane. [Source: nudnik]

This graphical tool maps all the ratings for every episode of every TV Series

Is it worth investing a few weeks of your life in Breaking Bad? What about Game of Thrones? Or Dexter? Here's a graphical tool that maps all the Internet Movie Database's ratings for every episode of every TV series—a scientific method to pick the next show that is going to make you lose countless hours of sleep. Just got …