An amazing new Facebook Marketing and Analytics Tool: Animated Heat Map of Audience Online

When Facebook made an API available that enabled us to analyze when Facebook Fans were online, EdgeRankChecker quickly implemented a new feature called Audience Online (click on the link to see all the feature of the incredible PRO version).

Free Facebook Audience Online

The Audience Online heat map provides a quick, visual way to see when your fans are logging into Facebook. This information can be used to publish posts or identify behavioral trends over time.

The animated Audience Online heat map allows you to see how your traffic patterns change week to week. This allows you to understand how your audience’s behavior may be changing to spot a trend before it becomes the norm.

We’re excited to provide additional value to our free users. If you have any questions on how to use this new feature (which is now live and available in your Page Overview for Free Accounts) Tweet us or leave a comment below.

How To Use

The graph is colored from Red to Green. The green areas represent the times that fans were online above their average rate. The red areas represent times that your fans were online below their average rate. Typically, we see more people online (green) during traditional daylight hours. The change between green to red tends to be more severe when a Page has a very local audience.

The dots displayed on the heat map represent when your Page posted. You can hover over the dot to see more details regarding the post. The size of the dot also indicates how much engagement the post received—dots that are larger had more engagement than the smaller dots.

We recommend looking at your heat map for particular periods of time, as well as looking at how they’re changing. Keep your eye on how the green and red areas are shifting over time.

[Source: EdgeRank Checker]

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