The 9 Types of Facebook User & the 7 Types of Advocates

We all have those Facebook friends who post status updates about literally everything they do. And how about those people who constantly send you invites to Candy Crush?

Then there’s your mom who just joined Facebook after hearing about it at the neighborhood cookout. Now she’s uploading all of your embarrassing childhood photos and naked baby pictures.

Facebook’s 1.11 billion monthly active users come in all different shapes and sizes. This infographic depicts some of the common types of Facebook user you might find on the social network today. Which one are you? Is there a type we left out? Feel free to suggest others in the comments!

The 9 Types of Facebook User Infographic by @optify | Social Marketing

[Source: Optify]

7 Types Social Advocates

Top 10 sites for Digital Marketing Statistics

social media statistics

These sites cover global stats including UK, Europe, US and global.

  1. Ofcom ( The Office of Communication has reports on adoption of digital media including telecommunications and the Internet (including broadband adoption), digital television and wireless services.
  2. UK National Statistics Consumer trends ( Family spending and technology adoption.
  3. European Union Digital Marketing Statistics  ( – based on assessments of ICT adoption.
  4. Comscore The The Comscore press releases are one of the best sources of the latest stats releases. Their blog can also be helpful – I have included within the custom search engine. A similar service included in this search engine is Nielen Netratings. Comscore have a new Digital Future series of reports covering the UK, US, several European countries, Canada and Brazil – we have a summary post on Online media statistics from Comscore summarising this.
  5. International Telecomms Union ( World telecommunications and ICT adoption statistics with the emphasis on broadband and mobile
  6. Marketing Charts ( An aggregator of information about consumer and business adoption of technologies and approaches.
  7. ClickZ Stats ( A source agggregating news on digital marketing developments, reports by experts and calculators.
  8. eMarketer ( A compilation of digital statistics for online marketers – more US oriented.
  9. Hitwise Hitwise blog – one of the best sources giving interpretation of a selection of their stats by their analysts. It’s also worth checking their data centres – which have summaries of the most popular sites and search engines.
  10. IAB Research Research reports on online advertising effectiveness

One other source worth being aware of is the posts tagged statistics from the Econsultancy blog.

The best global sources in terms of frequency of update, although with a US bias are, for me, the blogs/press release sections from Comscore, Hitwise and Nielsen Netratings. These are the ones you will find are most common results within the custom search engine.

Social Media Shortcuts

Everyone is browsing through social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google Plus on a daily basis. But are you stressed up because everything on these platforms feels so slow and you want to speed up your browsing?

As many people don’t know, these four social media platforms are all having some nice keyboard shortcuts. With these shortcuts you can move faster, more comfortable and just pick up the pace. We show you how they work. Navigate through Facebook & co. like a real pro!

For all those who don’t know what a shortcut is: A shortcut is a specific key combination for a command that would otherwise be available only through a menu or an interface. This means a lot of mouse-clicking and it needs some time. Time, that can easily be saved by learning and using shortcuts, especially on social media platforms. Social media shortcuts allow you to get directly to a specific section on those social media platforms, for example your messages, photos, friend requests, account settings, or to perform a specific command by just one shortcut, without much mouse-clicking.

To give you an example: You are on Facebook and you want to read a new message, like a photo and check your timeline at last. This can be done by three easy social media shortcuts. Or imagine you want to watch a YouTube video in full screen. You don’t have to search for the small icon below the video anymore, just press “F” to get it in full screen instantly. Sounds handy, doesn’t it?

Become A Pro – Use Social Media Shortcuts

Maybe you will need some time to get used to all the social media shortcuts – but it is surely worth the effort. You can find all shortcuts in our infographic below. What are you waiting for? Speed up your daily social media usage and impress your friends with your awesome new shortcut skills.

[Source: Quintly]