Automator for Mobile: “If This Then That” available for iPhone

If This Then That (IFTTT) is now available for iPhone.

If you’re not familiar, IFTTT is a service that lets you connect two different apps or services together based on specific parameters, in a way that makes using both services a lot more useful. Think of it as a string that ties together everything you use on your computer or phone.

Connections between things on IFTTT are called recipes. Exceptionally simple to use, all you have to do is specify the “This” and the “That” of your equation to create your own recipe.

For instance, you might ask IFTTT to save all the photos you upload to Flickr to your Dropbox, or send you an SMS message whenever you’re tagged in a photo on Facebook.

Previously available only on the web, the service officially launched for iOS Thursday, bringing with it a few new iPhone-specific features.

“We’re always trying to make things easier for users,” Devin Foley, IFTTT’s mobile lead toldMashable. “We think the app is a great step forward in simplifying the process of connecting channels together, and making recipes and using them.”


The IFTTT iPhone app adds support for the Contacts, Photos and Reminders functionality on your iPhone; this means you can set IFTTT up to interact with those functions in unique and useful ways.

For instance, each time you take a photo with your phone’s forward-facing camera, you could have the image backed up on Google Drive automatically.

With Reminders, you can automatically track those you’ve completed on a spreadsheet. What’s more, when you add a contact to your phone, you can automatically send that person a “Hello!” email containing your own contact information.

The possibilities are endless, but if you’re struggling to come up with ways to use the service, IFTTT has an app-accessible section that includes recipes others have created to help you get started. You can sort shared recipes by what’s featured or trending on IFTTT, as well as recipes that have been the most popular over time.

“100,000 shared recipes have been created on IFTTT so far,” Foley said. It’s a number that will likely get much larger with the introduction of the mobile app.

In addition to helping you create recipes on-the-go, the IFTTT app also shows a timeline view of all of the recipes it has completed for you, as well as a handpicked recipe that the service thinks you’ll find particularly useful.

IFTTT is available now in the App Store.

[Source: Mashable]

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