How to Turn Facebook Profile Pics Into Emoticons

  • 1. Mini Profile Pic Emoticons


    You can create teeny-weeny, adorable emoticons from anyone’s Facebook profile pic.

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 2. Personal Accounts


    You can make mini people emoticons from personal accounts…

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 3. Brands


    …mention brands using their logos…

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 4. Pages


    …and give Facebook Pages a pictorial mention, too.

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 5. Making Mentions


    To make a profile pic emoticon for chat, go to the Facebook profile page of the person or brand.

    Look for the personalized part of the URL; you’ll need to copy the relevant part (highlighted in our exmaples).

    If an individual has claimed his or her personlized URL, you need to copy that exactly. If their URLs have random number strings, it will look like the example at the bottom.

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 6. Inserting in Chat


    To create the profile pic emoticon in chat, paste the personalized part of the URL and surround it in double box brackets like [[this]].

    Image courtesy of Facebook

  • 7. Emoticon-Tastic


    A mini version of the person or page’s profile pic will then appear as a tiny icon, within your chat conversation. Cool, huh?

    Do you have any clever, witty or amusing examples of profile pic emoticons? Screengrab and share in the comments below.

    Image courtesy of Facebook

[Source: Mashable]

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