Mobile Surfer 2012

5 profiles that interact in different ways with the device and the brand

Mobile Surfer 2012 | Doxa

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Bonus Infographic:

Mobile Surfer 2012 | Doxa

January 2013 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Italy

1. Facebook Pages Now Ranked by Local Fans

As you can see in the report below, we are ranking Facebook brands and media by their number of local fans. They are still accompanied by the number of their total fan base but now you can also see the volume of local fans Liking the Page in the selected country. It´s also expressed by a percentage from the total fan base so you can see the bigger picture.

2. Engagement Rate change from the previous month

One of the most important sections of the Regional Reports, Average Post Engagement Rate, now shows not only the country’s ben­chmark, but also the change in Engagement Rate from the previous month. That way you can see whether there was an increase or decline in the brand’s performance in the previous 30 days.

3. Top content posted in your country

Now you can check out the top three most popular brands’ posts by the total number of interactions. Don’t forget to compare the engagement rate with your posts and get inspired

January 2013 Social Media Report: Facebook Pages in Italy - Socialbakers

[Source: Socialbakers]