How Often Do Facebook Fans Go To A Company’s Online Store?

Companies that have an active presence on Facebook arefaced with a common dilemma: How can they get their Facebook fans to buy their product? While managing a Facebook campaign for a telecommunications company,Alchemy Social recently studied the link between clicking “like,” and actually visiting a business’ online store.

Alchemy Social, a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, tracked avid engagers of the company’s Facebook page, those who were non-active fans, and those who were not fans of the business on Facebook to see how often they visited the company’s online store. Alchemy used ads through the telecom company’s Facebook page as the basis for the study.

Here’s what Alchemy found out:

  • Visitors who interacted with the ads were 20 times more likely to visit the brand’s online store than those who didn’t interact.
  • Facebook users who interacted with the ads were three times more likely to go to the online store.
  • People on Facebook who didn’t interact with the ads were four times more likely to visit the online store than people who are not Facebook users.
  • The page’s fans made 131 percent more visits to the online store than Facebook users who had not liked the brand.
  • Fans made 639 percent more visits to the online store than non-Facebook users.
  • Once users became fans, they visited the company’s website 30 percent more than before.
  • Alchemy calculated the return of investment on the fans acquired while running the company’s Facebook campaign at 1,292 percent.

The study shows that it pays to be active on Facebook. Alchemy recommends that companies looking to increase interest through Facebook look at different ways to engage with fans, using tools such as applications. Companies should keep giving people a reason to keep coming back to the page.

Alchemy also suggests making sure the layout of the fan page is open and inviting for engagement. Competitions tend to do well, as users can vote and share, helping a campaign go viral. If you run a restaurant or any kind of food-related business, sharingphotos of hot eats and delicious treats and offering competitions with food as the prize usually encourages fans to become more active on the page.

Readers: How often have you made a purchase after seeing a company’s post on Facebook?


[Source: AllFacebook]

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