How the World Downloads iOS and Android Apps

Although Apple’s mobile operating system iOS is still leading the app-downloading market, Google’s Androidplatform is keeping up pace with its rival, according to a new infographic.

App Annie, a provider of app store analytics and intelligence for iOS, Mac and Android publishers, highlights in an infographic that iOS makes up 71% of global revenue for app downloads — compared to Android’s 29% share — but both companies are growing 14% year-over-year in revenue for app downloads.

“iOS publishers are undoubtedly making more money than Android publishers,” an App Annie spokesperson toldMashable. “But Android has shown impressive growth in the global market.”

In fact, Android app downloads in the U.S. represent 7% more of the download market compared to iOS apps.

The infographic also highlights how the world is currently downloading iOS and Android apps. The U.S. is the top country with iOS downloads, making up 28% of the global market, followed by China (18%) and Japan (7%). This indicates that iOS sees strong support in the bigger Asian markets. The remaining 48% comes from a collection of other countries. The U.S. is also the top country with Android downloads (35%), followed by the U.K. (10%) and Germany (6%).

In contrast, the fastest-growing countries by iOS revenue are Japan (no. 1), Russia (no. 2), the U.S. (no. 3) and France (no. 4). Android revenue is showing a lot of growth in developing markets such as Brazil.

For a full look at iOS and Android app download trends, check out the infographic below. Note: App Annie refers to Android by its online marketplace, Google Play.

Game of Phones: How the World Downloads iOS, Android Apps

[Source: Game of Phones: How the World Downloads iOS, Android Apps]

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