Get Ready: 4 New Facebook Timeline Features!

Get Ready: 4 New Facebook Timeline Features! image
Recently, Facebook has been releasing its latest news and features for Facebook Pages in silence. Some of them are still in the testing process but at least you will discover what your brand should get ready for!

1. Switch Between Global And Local Pages

If you are a global brand managing loocal Facebook Pages across several countries, you will definitely appreciate what´s in store for you. You and your Fans will be able to switch between global and local Pages thanks to the „Switch Region“ option under the cover photo. Currently it´s being tested but you can check it out exclusively on the Facebook Marketing Page. The global Page and all its local Pages shouldshare the same number of Likes (Fans), only the People Talking About number should vary from Page to Page.

In the future, Fans should also get automatically navigated to their local Page according to their current location. These steps just demonstrate the importance of local Pages which have proven to be more engaging than global pages on Facebook. Become more audience-oriented while keeping the “big picture”!

2. Manage Your Page With Your iPhone

The Page Manager is an application that lets admins check on their Page activity, access insights and respond to their audience from an iPhone or iPad. After downloading the main Facebook app and installing the Page Manager on your mobile device, you will be able to post status updates and photos, respond to comments and access Page content and insights directly from your phone! The only thing that is really missing are the messages, but they should be available in the future.

The main advantage is that you will receive notifications about people interacting with your Page directly to your mobile device! From now on, you will have your Page under control at all times and you will be able to increase your Engagement Rate as well as your Response Rate!

The available insights on Page Manager include: Total Likes, People Talking About, Total Reach and a Trends chart.

3. Find Out Who Is Listening

Did you ever wonder what percentage of your Fan base has actually seen your post? Of course you have, which is why Facebook decided to introduce percentage links to posts on your brand pages. But that is not the only reason. Facebook wants to support the launch of its Promoted Posts straight from the Timeline and it believes that by providing admins with information on the percentage of reached Fans, it should be easier to convince them to promote their posts.

Facebook says that brand posts reach on average 16% of the Fan base and that the Reach Generator guarantees to reach an astonishing 75% in just one month!

This feature is probably available only to some members of the advertising programs at the moment.

4. Create a Timeline Video For Your Brand

In January this year, Facebook introduced its official Timeline Movie Makerapplication which could transform a personal profile into a short and impressive video worth sharing with friends. From now on, even Facebook Pages can share their brand´s history and values with their Fans via video! This new feature embraces the importance of visual communication for brands on Facebook which is why it can be used only if you have enough photos. Then all you have to do is to choose the music and special effects that will help you deliver your message to your Fans. The application automatically selects the photos but you can edit the video and remove the ones you don’t find suitable.

Will your video express your brand´s history or will you focus on emotions and values that define your brand?

[Source: SocialBakers]

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