The Changing World of Social Media

Social media is an ever changing thing in this world – social sites rise and social sites fall. Social sites are where people find out the latest news, gossip, and updates on our friends, family, bands, companies, and everyone else out there. It seems that social media is in everything we do these days. Since it is becoming such a big part of our lives, we should keep up with them and how they are shifting. This infographic presented by The SEO Company highlights the biggest changes in social media for 2012.

Let’s start with the current king of social networks that has millions of users: Facebook. In January 2012, Facebook integrated the timeline into their user profiles. In March, they launched Messenger for Windows that let Windows 7 users’message on face and receive posts without dealing with a browser. They bought Instagram – one of the biggest photo apps – for $1 billion. This is the most anyone has ever spent on an app. Then, Facebook opened their IPO at $38/share which was one of the most-hyped stock offerings in history. Later, it became the most disappointing social media investment that was produced in 2012. If you look at the numbers, there is no slow down for Facebook at this time.

Anonymous group was a big social entity in 2012. The Anonymous group is most famous for their attacks on SOPA supporters in January. This was their largest attack with over 5,635 participants. Many were identified by their IP address and later arrested. Anonymous has had many attacks for different causes and this has brought people’s attention to them as an Influential person. In fact, Times Magazine named them the most Influential person of today.

The Kony 2012 video was on YouTube which caught everyone by storm in March. It was one of the biggest overnight videos of this year. The video is about “invisible children”or children soldiers in Uganda. Many got mad at the video because Uganda was not currently at war. It does show you how powerful social media like YouTube is in today’s world. After the video was released, Kony 2012 discussions were on prime television after only being on YouTube for a couple of weeks. They recently released a follow-up video and received 500,000 views within a week.

Even the giant, Google, has thrown their hat into the social media ring of making their own social media site. In fact, President Obama used G+ Hangouts to perform the first all-virtual interview with U.S citizens. However, G+ has not been keeping up with the rest of them. For example, in April Google shut down their popular photo editing site: Picnik.

In January, Pinterest was named Best New Startup of 2011 and referred more business than Linkedin, YouTube, and Google+. Who would have thought a site that requires an invite could do better than ones that do not. Pinterest, if you haven’t heard, is basically a virtual pinboard. You can pin pictures to different boards you have created and keep all of your ideas and inspiration in one place. Pinterest is the newcomer of social media sites – a title that Facebook once held.

Social Media is more than a trend, it is a huge power in the world of 2012 and it keeps growing. It is hard to look at the future of social media and predict the next new trend that will take the world by storm. The future of social media can even be seen through the social apps banking. It continues to grow in the mobile world and the SoCoMo (Social Media Cloud) will be unstoppable. These future trends are coming down the line and will ultimately change how we do business.

[Source: The Changing World of Social Media [Infographic] – Page 2 – Technorati Social Media]

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