Are You a Facebook Power User?

Are you among the 20-30% of the Facebook population that’s considered power users? If you’ve logged in to the social network already today, there’s a good chance you are one of the addicted elite.

This infographic, created by DemandForce, details what it means to be a Facebook power user. For starters, you likely kick butt at basic F-book activities, like sending friend requests, commenting and pressing the “Like” button. Sounds pretty basic, right?

On the contrary, only 5% of users excel in four or more of the core Facebook actions. Still convinced you’re at the top?

As a power user, you also “like” content an average of 14 times per month, as well as share nine status updates and contribute 21 comments in that same time period. Whew, sounds like a lot of work to us.

So, treat this infographic as a little quiz, and see whether you qualify to hold the grand title: Facebook power user extraordinaire.

Are You a Facebook Power User?

[Source: Are You a Facebook Power User? [INFOGRAPHIC]]

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