Economist sees print dead in 25 years, Flipboard as rival

Most print publishing will be gone within the next 25 years, The Economist CEO Andrew Rashbass predicted in a presentation on Thursday. Paper magazines were at new highs, and his publication was hoping to keep demand hihg, but he told paidContent and others at Madrid’s Paley Center international council that he was realistic about print going away. He was enthusiastic about tablet reading, which gave the company a possible avenue for a business model after years of uncertainty over a pure web version.

It’s not fashionable to say it, but I think, frankly, it will be all digital,” Rathbass said. “I don’t know when that will be exactly, but the idea that mass printing of paper will be around in 25 years is odd.”

However, he saw direct competition from news curation apps like Flipboard. These apps gave someone else revenue that ought to belong to the original publication, Rashbass said. The issue wasn’t serious, but Rashbass wouldn’t have volunteered to optimize The Economist for Flipboard even if he had been asked.

Unlike with competitors such as the Financial Times, Rashbass wasn’t upset about Apple’s 30 percent cut on iPad magazines sold through the App Store. Third-party distribution costs were a regular part of the industry, he said.

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European Mobile Gaming Gets Social: Rise in Smartphone Adoption Drives Increase in Mobile Gaming and Social Play

LONDON, UK, 26 April 2012 – comScore, Inc. (NASDAQ: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, today released an overview of mobile gaming behaviour across the five leading European markets (France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom) using the comScore MobiLens service. The study showed that 42 percent of smartphone users in EU5 reported playing a game on their device in February 2012, displaying an increase of 55 percent over the past year. More than half of the UK smartphone audience (52.4 percent) reported playing a game on their device, proving to be the largest mobile gaming market in the EU5.

“The rise in mobile gaming is being propelled by the rapid adoption of smartphones and the vast ecosystems of game apps they provide,” said Hesham Al-Jehani, comScore Europe product manager for Mobile. “As mobile games evolve from simple pre-loaded games to highly challenging and visually appealing games, their entertainment value has increased substantially. But another important – and perhaps less often reported – driver of mobile gaming is that many can be played without accessing the internet on people’s phones. This means that gaming is an easy way to fill idle time on the underground or in other locations where internet access is spotty.”

Nearly Half of EU5 Smartphone Users are Gamers
In February 2012, the number of EU5 smartphone users playing games at least once a month increased 55 percent over the past year to 46.4 million smartphone users (representing 42 percent of the EU5 audience). The UK proved to be the largest market for mobile gaming with 14.2 million smartphone users playing games on their devices during the month, representing 52 percent of the smartphone audience. British smartphone users also ranked first in terms of gaming penetration across daily and weekly gaming usage.

Frequency of Smartphone Users Playing Games on their Devices
3 Month Average Ending February 2012
Total EU5 (FR, DE, IT, ES and UK), Age 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Penetration (%) of Smartphone Users Playing Games
EU5 France Germany Italy Spain UK
Almost every day 11.5% 7.4% 11.8% 10.0% 10.4% 16.4%
At least once each week 14.3% 9.7% 14.2% 13.8% 13.5% 18.8%
Once to three times throughout the month 15.9% 10.1% 16.2% 17.9% 17.8% 17.2%
Ever in month 41.7% 27.2% 42.1% 41.8% 41.6% 52.4%

Social Gaming on the up Amongst Europeans
In February 2012, 6.1 million EU5 smartphone gamers logged into a social game on their devices (up 42 percent in the past six months), representing 13.2 percent of smartphone gamers overall. The Italian smartphone gaming audience ranked first in terms of the penetration at 15.5 percent, followed by the UK (14.2 percent) and France (13.1 percent). Spanish smartphone users were most likely to play games with other people at 11.0 percent, followed by Italy at 9.4 percent.

Smartphone Social Gaming Activities*
3 Month Average Ending February 2012
Total EU5 (DE, ES, FR, IT and UK) Smartphone Gaming Audience Age 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Penetration (%) of Smartphone Gamers
EU5 France Germany Italy Spain UK
Logged in via Email or Facebook 13.2% 13.1% 11.7% 15.5% 10.8% 14.2%
Played with other people 9.1% 8.6% 7.5% 9.4% 11.0% 9.1%
Invited friend to play 6.7% 5.6% 7.3% 8.2% 7.3% 5.4%
Shared score on leaderboard 7.6% 9.9% 9.3% 9.0% 7.0% 5.1%
Used chat 3.0% 2.8% 2.5% 3.2% 3.9% 2.7%
Sent/received gift 2.2% 1.9% 2.5% 2.7% 2.1% 1.7%

*A social game allows mobile users to connect, compete and socialise with friends and other players on their device.

February 2012 EU5 Mobile Benchmark Data
The table below shows comScore’s February 2012 mobile benchmark data, including a review of mobile consumption behaviour and device penetration for the five European countries under measurement. These benchmarks are published by comScore to provide the most up-to-date snapshot of the mobile industry. Further information on these benchmarks, and other data included above, can be provided upon request.

Mobile Benchmark Data for the European Market
3 Month Avg. Ending February 2012
Total EU5 (DE, ES, FR, IT and UK), Age 13+
Source: comScore MobiLens
Penetration (%) of Mobile Subscribers
EU5 France Germany Italy Spain UK
Used Smartphone 46.9% 43.3% 40.1% 45.4% 53.9% 54.7%
Used Application (excl. pre-installed) 40.8% 36.6% 36.2% 35.4% 45.8% 52.0%
Used browser 40.5% 39.0% 33.8% 35.5% 43.7% 52.6%
Played games 29.1% 17.4% 27.0% 32.7% 32.3% 37.0%
Sent text message 84.3% 86.9% 80.0% 81.5% 80.9% 92.1%
Listened to music 28.1% 24.7% 27.8% 25.5% 36.5% 28.3%
Accessed Social Networking Site or Blog 27.6% 24.3% 21.3% 24.3% 30.3% 39.3%


[Fonte: European Mobile Gaming Gets Social: Rise in Smartphone Adoption Drives Increase in Mobile Gaming and Social Play – comScore, Inc]

Subsonica “Instantanee Tour” – Milano

Subsonica “Instantanee Tour” – Milano

20 Reasons to Switch to Google Plus

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Google’s answer to Facebook recently announced 100 million users. While that’s still nowhere near Facebook’s 800 million, it clearly has a lot to offer its users- especially those who use other Google services. The jury on Google+ remains out, but in this infographic we came up with twenty reasons to switch to it.

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The Hectic Schedule of a Social Media Manager

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BRAND AMBASSADORS. CONTENT MANAGERS. EVANGELISTS. These are all words that are often used to describe the constantly evolving social media manager of today. In order to be a successful one, he or she must take on a pretty demanding schedule of constant updates, meetings and tweets — all the while maintaining an effective online presence.

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Quarterly Social Media Report on Facebook Pages in Italy

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Socialbakers brings you a fresh quarterly report on the social media performance of local Facebook brand pages in your country.