10 Important Trends to Survive Digital Darwinism

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Digital Darwinism is a phenomenon when technology and society evolve faster than the ability to adapt. And, it threatens rigid and traditional practices everywhere. It’s no longer just survival of the fittest, but also survival of the fitting. Businesses must earn relevance and to do so requires much more than adoption of the latest technologies or launching endeavors in the latest social or app flavor of the month.
Indeed, this post requires not only your pinterest, but your dedication and creativity. What we’re about to review requires depth not tweeting thoughts. Contrary to the beliefs of those who push the tenets of a social business as a matter of survival, we are not competing for the moment nor are we merely competing in real-time. We’re competing for the future and at the heart of this (r)evolution is relevance and innovation.
Put yourself in the shoes of your customer for a moment. Do you know them? I mean…do you really know them? What about your employees? Have your tracked how behavior, preference, and decision-making have transformed or in some cases splintered from current mainstream activity?
To survive Digital Darwinism takes understanding of course, but more importantly, it takes leadership…it takes courage. It takes the ability to see what others don’t and do what others won’t. The future of business and customer and employee engagement is built upon a foundation of vision, trust, significance, and relationships. Set on this foundation are 10 pillars for which transformation is braced.
These 10 principles serve as the framework for an adaptable business model where opportunities are readily assessed and innovation is regularly practiced. The reward is relevance, affinity and advocacy. As Leon C. Megginson once said in paraphrasing Charles Darwin’s Origin of the Species, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.”

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