Social vs Search: The Showdown

Via Scoop.itDigital Media

Two of the ascendant methods of driving traffic to your business are social media and search marketing. While search was once the clear winner, social media has come a long way and is just about as big as search, and that’s why it’s apt that MDGadvertising has created an infographic envisioning social media and search as masked wrestlers. Who’ll come out on top?

The infographic looks at various elements of business and collect statistics from various surveys to determine the winner. Here are a few tidbits.


-SEO is still ahead for business lead generation, which hints that people who are searching for a specific term are more likely to be looking to do business
-Understandably, social media takes the cake for brand awareness — people can interact and chat about a brand and that word of mouth is golden in the brand awareness world
-Most businesses feel that social signals (likes, tweets, Google +1s) will be more or much more important in the years to come — if you’re not on social, get on it now!


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