Where and What will Facebook be in 2025?

Via Scoop.itDigital Media

The infographic follows the design of Facebook Timeline, looking chronologically at the key areas of growth and power Facebook could potentially leverage over the next decade and a half, and the positive and negative consequences of each new move Facebook could make.
The Timeline starts by looking at the search power that Facebook could have if they embedded a search engine into their network. It then moves on to look at other areas that Facebook could influence such as economics, politics, banking, power, defense, health and national security.
There is a clear display of the logical progression of industries and areas that Facebook could overtake globally, given their current 850,million+ users, advertising power and global reach.
The infographic illustrates the positive and negative consequences Facebook’s actions could have on a global scale, depending upon how they decide to use their power.
It takes the concept of a Facebook community to the level of a Facebook nation, potentially being the 4th biggest nation on the planet by 2025, leaving much food for thought along the way.
Via blog.ph-creative.com

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