Facebook grew 7 users per second all of 2011

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media Facebook is growing 7 users per second and so is growing its importance in inbound marketing strategies for brands and businesses globally.Via http://www.socialbakers.com

The 2012 US Community Manager Report

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media Every 4th Monday of January social media professionals gather around their warm, cozy monitors to toast Starbucks and sing viral video carols — all to celebrate Community Manager Appreciation Day.Via socialfresh.com

Lista Risorse Utili per Fare un’infografica

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media Ecco una lista completa per la creazione di un'infografica, l'articolo è in costante aggiornamento e sono gradite le segnalazioni!Via infografiche.com

The New Generation of Tech Millionaires

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaEcco un'infografica che mette in luce nove imprenditori under 30 diventati importanti molto rapidamente.Via http://www.kuandika.com

Measuring the Business Impact of Social Media

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media Wildfire did a survey of over 700 marketers from all around the world, asking them to define how they measure the business impact and ROI of their social media activities. The results of the survey were turned into an infographic.   ----   Oggi vi proponiamo un’interessante infografica che sintetizza …

What SOPA means for business & innovation

Via Scoop.it - Digital MediaSeveral tech companies and online communities have come out against the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA), a recently proposed piece of legislation that many feel will bring unnecessary censorship to the web.   ---   Lo Stop Online Piracy Act al momento è il tema caldo che fa discutere la rete …

How Facebook’s Expected $100 Billion IPO Breaks Down

Via Scoop.it - Digital Media Infographic breaks down how Facebook can possibly raise $10 billion in 2012 to bring their IPO value to $100 billion -- more than any tech company in history.Via mashable.com