Mobile Apps: The Battle of The Sexes

Via - Digital MediaMen aren't from Mars, and women don't hail from Venus. But it appears men prefer Android and women tend toward BlackBerry, according to a new infographic from Inneractive that analyzes the differences in mobile advertising among males and females.Inneractive reports that men tend to click on ads more frequently than women. …


Mobile Gaming is Dominating the Gaming Industry

Via - Digital MediaIn the past video games came on cartridges, you played them on a big fat tube television in your parent’s basement and you told your friends about the level you reached at school the next day. Now you might still be living in your parent’s basement but the future of gaming …

Android vs iPhone 4

Via - Digital MediaAndroid phones have been quickly catching up with iPhones in the mobile market and are now considered their main contender. Below is an infographic comparing the success in the high street and the pros and cons of each handset for the first half of 2011.Show original