How Big Is E-commerce Industry?

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The e-commerce sector has continued its double-digit growth year over year. Did You Know That In 1979 – Michael Aldrich invented Online Shopping In 1990 – Tim Berners-Lee created the first World Wide Web server and browser In 1994 – Pizza Hut Offers online ordering on their Web Page Netscape launchs first commercial Browser – Navigator In 1995 – Amazon starts selling Books Online E-bay is founded by Pierre Omidyar as AuctionWeb. Facts More than 85% of online population has used internet to purchase something. More than 50% of online population shopped online more than once. 73% of Consumer prefer Online Shopping because it is time-saving Global E-commerce sales are growing by more than 19% a year and will be of almost $1.4 trillion by 2015 E-commerce Sales in US growing at 10% a year and will grow to $279 billion by 2015 There are more than 178.5 million consumers are in US and will grow to 201.1 million by 2015 54% of Online shoppers are of age group 18-30 Years 75% of Online shoppers use Credit/debit cards for online shopping India is the highest growing and Portugal is the least growing E-commerce country right now Residents of North Dakota spend the highest percent (16.9) of their online income in online shopping whereas residents of Maine spend the least percent (1.83) of their online income Illinois has the lowest average Shipping time of 2.55 days Whereas Hawaii has the highest average Shipping time – 4.10 days for online orders 40% of the items that sold online are Books Mobile e-commerce market is growing year over year and will be of more than 23.8 Billion by 2015
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