43.5 Percent Of Twitter Users Will Follow Your Brand If You Offer Special Deals

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Surprise, surprise: people are looking for deals online. According to a new infographic, nearly half of Twitter users say their number one reason for following a brand’s account is to find out about deals or special offers.

This infographic, published by Get Satisfaction, looks at how audiences interact with brands on social media, and what factors make someone want to follow or like a brand.

Twitter users want deals more than Facebook and MySpace users, but they’re not as interested in following a brand if they’re already a current customer.

Altogether, respondents chimed in with a resounding “Yes!” when asked whether an online experience had influenced a future purchase of a product or service from a particular brand – 97.09 percent said that it had. Notable, though, they don’t clarify as to whether this online experience was a positive one which compelled them to buy, or a negative one which scared them away from buying.

There are plenty more interesting tidbits in this infographic, including which brands are most popular on Facebook and Twitter, what actions people take after following a brand, and how many brands the average respondent follows.
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