Brands & social media. Osservatorio su 100 aziende e la comunicazione sui social media in Italia.

Via - Digital MediaOssCom – Osservatorio sulla Comunicazione dell’Università Cattolica e Digital PR presentano “ Brands & Social Media. Osservatorio su 100 aziende e la comunicazione sui social media in Italia”, una ricerca che si propone come punto di osservazione sulle iniziative di comunicazione nei social media in Italia da parte di 100 aziende …


Advertising Budgets of the Top 200 Brands

Via - Digital MediaWith marketing & advertising becoming more and more of a need to succeed, this infographic provides an industry-by-industry looking at where the leading U.S Brands are spending their dollars.Show original

Projection mapping 3D

Via - Digital MediaProjection mapping. Ecco per voi gli esempi più cool dal mondo!Show original

10 idee per il marketing location-based

Via - Digital MediaDimmi dove sei e ti dirò che vuoi....Show original

The Smartphone App-o-graphic

Via - Digital MediaThe smartphone App-o-graphic' showcases the current state of the mobile app industry and predicts the future state of the mobile app development industry.Show original

Wikipedia launches “Love Button”, an experiment in appreciation

Via - Digital MediaWikiLove is a simple experiment in appreciation. It makes it easy and fun to send barnstars or whimsical messages of appreciation to other users. The tool was first built by Wikimedia Foundation developer and Wikimedian Ryan Kaldari as a small gadget, and the new editor engagement team at the Wikimedia Foundation …

When To Post On Facebook

Via - Digital MediaUSA: Saturday at noon is the absolute best time to post on Facebook, according to this infographic.Show original