The Value of Social Commerce

Via - Digital MediaI dati e le stime sembrano essere molto chiare: il futuro sarà sempre più social, anche per quanto riguarda il commercio! Shares drive sales: ricordiamoci questa bella massima scritta nel grafico, pensiamo diventerà uno dei dogmi più importanti del futuro!.Show original


The Real Cost of Social Media

Via - Digital MediaWith social media at the height of it's popularity, advertisers and companies find it an easy and trendy means of expanding their marketing campaigns. What is the real cost of social media?Show original

Skype: From Conception to Acquisition

Via - Digital MediaWhile Microsoft works on integrating the product into it's many service offerings, both to the consumer and the enterprise users, we recap Skype's illustrious history Show original

Feature Launch: Photo tagging for Pages

Via - Digital MediaNEW FACEBOOK FEATURE: Now, your business page can be tagged in photos. Photos go straight to your pages album, not to your wall. The catch: ANYONE on Facebook, not just fans of your page, can tag your page in a photo.Show original

Italy Telecom Operators launch joint Digital Payment Platform

Via - Digital MediaSupported by PwC Advisory - Italy! Great job guys! ;-)Show original

Why Mobile Users Aren’t Checking In

Via - Digital MediaThose who use social location-based apps such as Foursquare or Facebook Places represent just 17% of the mobile population, according to a study commissioned by digital agency Beyond. Of those opting out of participating in the checkin craze, or any other social location behavior for that matter, 48% cited privacy concerns …

What does Facebook publish about you and your friends?

Via - Digital MediaAny information you see in this site is visible to anyone on the Internet through normal use of the Facebook Graph API. Facebook apps used by you or your friends might see more. Learn more about how to control what you share.Show original